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What will be the cool colors for the weddings in 2020? New fresh and delicate pastel shades, such as neo mint, a very light green with a hint of blue, purist blue, a light blue powder with a vein of gray, and mauve, a mix of violet and old rose.

Are you planning a wedding? Choose a marquee that matches the colors you have chosen for the set up 👇

The rental of a #marquee allows you to create a temporary structure in every corner of the earth! 🌎

With a #marquee, you can organize your wedding reception practically anywhere, in the middle of nature, in a small farmhouse in the mountains or where your imagination takes you ⛰️🌳
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🍽️ Outdoor #receptions will be super popular this year, in an informal style like a picnic but with attention to the smallest details 🍽️

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Untangling between suppliers and deadlines is not so simple and the timing is important to make that day…a bed of roses!

Start by organizing the external reception. Choose from one of our #marquees for ceremonies, ideal in case of rain:

🌿If you are a nature lover, an eco-chic wedding is the perfect choice for you 👰How to organize it?

Opt for an outdoor reception heated by the rays of the sun and shaded by a #marquee with transparent sheets that will protect your guests on the occasion.

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Why not celebrate love in contact with nature?

A location surrounded by greenery will give your ceremony a touch of elegance and simplicity, composing an enchanting scenery with unique details.

What is missing in this setting? The perfect marquee!
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Have you considered #storytelling as a part of your ceremony?

A successful event is an event that is remembered, therefore take care of every moment in detail and try to convey emotions to the guests. But remember, the location is essential, it must have a mix of romance and elegance.

Start organizing your event by choosing from the range of Extend #marquees 


Ideas for an original wedding cake? Be inspired by our tips!
💐Flower Cake
🎨Watercolor Cake
🥛Buttercream Cake
🥈Metallic Cake
🔳3D Cake
👗Dress Cake
🍰Marble Cake

In addition to the cake, start planning on finding the perfect venue! Choose from our models of #marquees, gazebos and large tents for ceremonies 👇

🌸💐🌷 Confetti, flowers, bunting or #garlands cannot be missing from the wedding arrangements! Whether they are bouquets or rows of flowers, there will never be too many! The important thing is to choose the #marquee that harmonises perfectly with the chosen decoration👇

🌿 Decorating the table with twigs and plant motifs rich in intertwining leaves and flowers can be an excellent solution for a couple who love nature and bold colors 🌿

A floral arrangement, however, must be combined with the choice of the perfect venue. What do you think of a transparent #marquee that harmonizes with the natural environment? 🌳

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☔ You should always have a plan B, especially if you have decided not to rely on a #weddingplanner 

In the unfortunate event of the rain, rent a #marquee in advance and prepare everything you need, such as umbrellas and heel protectors.

And then … a wet bride, a lucky bride!💒

Are you planning a civil wedding?

Make sure to verify that the location is properly authorized and that it has been named “Municipal House”. Otherwise you can always opt for a beautiful symbolic ritual.

Have you already thought about the reception? Be inspired by our wedding gazebos and #marquees.

Why is it helpful to hire a wedding planner? 📝💐

It means entrusting a professional with the most onerous tasks of organizing a wedding, such as requesting quotes, dealing with suppliers, searching for materials, organizing set-ups and solving any problems.

Are you planning a wedding and you need help picking your wedding structure? Contact us!

The location of the event is of crucial importance!
Always choose according to the set objective and target: a wedding in a villa with a garden, a graduation party in a modern loft, a corporate event in a more intimate place.

Do you need ideas to choose the right #marquee for each situation?

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Green luxury weddings 🌿 will go on stage in 2020

A type of ceremony characterized by floral compositions that recall wild and uncultivated nature, such as the Pampa flower, which goes well with all styles and venues 💐 Request your #marquee on:

If you decide to get married in the winter season, we advise you to choose a beautiful and enchanting #marquee with windows that will give you the illusion of being outdoors, surrounded by trees and snowy meadows 🌲🌲 Fill out the form and request more information 👇

💐 The latest wedding trend comes from the United States! It is the service of a Wedding #DogSitter, a professional who takes care of the 4-legged friends during the ceremony and reception 🐶
If you are a
 #wedding planner, organize your location in advance depending on the season. Come and discover the world of Extend #marquees, request a quote:

If you are planning a wedding away from the noise of the city and in touch with nature, our suggestion is to rent a #marquee
Once the marquee is installed, the first step is to choose LED lighting with colors that match the floral decorations and the atmosphere you want to create 💡
Rent the perfect structure now:

💌 Pampering guests is essential! An original example of how you can do it? Think of an emergency kit, containing for example needle and thread, face and hand cream, stain remover for clothes and everything that helps to solve small accidents that can happen during the ceremony.

Continue to follow our #weddingplannertips section!

🌿 For decorations and ornaments take inspiration from nature, but be careful to choose seasonal plants and flowers, preferably local and zero km 💐

Prefer potted ones, they will surely last longer than bouquets of cut flowers!

Now only the perfect #marquee is missing, contact us at Extend to organize your special day 💕

The most trendy formulas for a wedding banquet? 💒

You can choose between the classic seated lunch/dinner, a less demanding #buffet , or if the ceremony is celebrated in the mid-afternoon, also a cocktail and a refreshment🍹 

In any case, to choose the right marquee, contact the professionals👇

The #wedding cake is the key element of any wedding 🎂 Multi-story, floral or with mini cupcakes: be sure to choose the cake which matches the atmosphere and colors of the entire ceremony.

To host your guests, rely on an Extend #marquee, perfect for your yes day.

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