Curve Tent

Curve Tent marquee is an original combination of the double pitched structure with a calendered beam structure and an inclined wall at about 70°.
The overall architecture creates an original scenic effect with a covered terrace/walkway. The platform that constitutes the walking base is self-ballasted and allows for greater stability and staticity of the structure.

The beams, the pillars and the purlins are in anodized aluminum alloy, covered with fireproof PVC fabric sheets of cl. 2 high strength, with fireproof certifications.

We offer the possibility to customize it with white, white blackout, transparent, colored and windowed side covers.

On request it is possible to make prints on the covers according to the graphics provided by the customer.

Curve Tent marquee is equipped with a condensate collection system, optional in case of purchase.

The assembly and disassembly procedure is standardized and fast.

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