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Here are some examples of the proposed accessories:


  • Raised wooden flooring to be left exposed or covered;
  • Internal lighting system, from simple general and emergency systems, to rice paper lamps and chandeliers;
  • TNT false ceilings to cover the structure internally creating an elegant and pleasant environment – various colors available;
  • Carpeting available in various colors;
  • Doors in white painted aluminum, 2.40 × 2.20 m with panic bar;
  • Diesel or electric hot air generators for heating marquees in winter;
  • Air conditioners for cooling marquees in summer;
  • Rectangular tables, 70 and 80 cm wide with a length of 220 cm, with benches, like an beer hall (particularly useful during local festivals, in restaurants, pubs and wineries);
  • Round tables, diameter 130 and 160 cm, to be used on various occasions: events, business dinners, weddings, etc.;
  • Chairs with black tubular structure and fake straw seat: elegant, robust and aesthetically pleasing; they can be used “bare” or covered with cotton clothes for an extra touch of class;
  • Chairs with metal structure and plastic seat: they have the advantage of being able to be attached to each other for a better layout of the rooms;
  • Modular stages with basic module, 2 m wide and 40 to 100 cm high.


The roofing and side closure membranes are made with PVC coated polyester fabrics Cl. 2 FIREPROOF type, with a total weight of 650/680 gr/m2. Traditionally white, they can also be made in other colors or customized with decorations made with four-color digital printing based on specific customer requests.

They are also available in the blackout version, to block the sun’s rays and thus reduce the internal temperature of the marquee in the hottest periods. The reduction in brightness obtained, in addition to the greater internal comfort, also allows the reproduction of audiovisuals and projections in broad daylight.

A particular alternative to the standard membrane is represented by transparent PVC (from 5/10, Cl. 2 fireproof type). It is particularly suitable when there is the need to obtain a minimal impact in the environmental context in which the marquee is set up or to make the outside totally visible, on the occasion of particular events or to be able to enjoy the view of uncommon environmental locations.
There is also the possibility of having side curtains with transparent windows.

All the PVC covers used meet the most stringent safety criteria, Extend can provide, upon request, a suitable declaration of suitability and compliance with the mandatory standards prescribed by the aforementioned regulations.

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